Jorj's home page: bike trip 6/99

Having not quite run out of directions to bike in, Scott and I decided to try east this year. Actually, southeast. This picture (created by the TIGER mapping service, a free service of the census bureau) shows our route of travel, as sent from the gear on my bike. It's just a picture, in case TIGER goes down one day and never comes back up.

I used to have an interactive map CGI script here which let you pan, zoom, and whatnot. In today's Google Maps world it's now passe, and I'm not investing the time to keep this old mule plowing.

The pictures from the trip are all in this directory listing.

And lastly, if you're interested in how all of this technology is jumbled together in order to create a live updating web page, I've now created an overview of the method.

Trip Log

Total mileage (biking) for six days of travel: 333 miles